Strength, Versatility, Simplicity, Safety, Ease of Operation


Most cost effective, versatile container handling system on the market


The robust Swing Thru materials handling systems have the ability to cope with rough terrain operation and offer militaries world-wide the most cost effective, versatile container handling system on the market.


The simple operation of the Swing Thru system means that specialist operators are not required and the truck driver is the operator.


In many cases the clip-on Swing Thru can be used with exiting trucks or trailers negating the need to purchase dedidated vehicles for the task of container handling.


The deployability of the Swing Thru system is limited only by the capabilities of the host vehicle and does not require a paved surface to operate from. Swing Thru overcomes many of the difficulties currently experienced when using other systems because of its level-loading ability and complements existing materials handling systems such as DROPS and PLS.


The Swing Thru system is accurate and fast while remaining gentle making it ideal for assembling ISO container-based shelters and hospital systems etc.