35 Tonne Swing Thru



Developed for and in conjunction with the Rail industry, the 35 Tonne Swing Thru is also utilised by the mining industry because of its robust construction and ease of operation. This model Swing Thru is an alternative to large and heavy traditional container lifting methods in areas of seasonal or low container volumes.


The double-sided nature of the Swing Thru enables it to be positioned between a truck and rail wagon and used as a mobile crane. A full container can be delivered to one side of the Swing Thru and an empty container picked up from the other without having to reposition the vehicle. This cannot be achieved with a single-sided side-loader.


The Swing Thru operates wherever the host vehicle can travel and does not require sealed yards. As it is truck mounted and road legal it can easily be repositioned between multiple sites making it ideal for handling seasonal or peak container volumes such as agricultural harvests or factory outputs. Additionally the same Swing Thru unit that can load or unload rail wagons can also deliver containers door to door.