27 Tonne



The 27 Tonne double-sided Swing Thru has been designed to offer maximum operational flexibility and provide the most efficient and stable platform for both pick-up-and-carry and transfer applications. This model is fitted with two Swing Thru slam-down legs on one side of the machine and two overdeck legs on the opposing side.


The rapidly deployable slam-down side is for pick-up-and-carry applications, whilst the overdeck side is for transferring containers to and from other trucks, trailers and railway wagons as overdeck legs have by far the best stability and also allow transhipment to other vehicles without the legs having to be placed on the second vehicle by deploying over the deck of the second vehicle to reduce the risk of damage to the second vehicle.


The 27 Tonne Swingthru sideloader has been purchased by both Road Transport operators and Military customers.